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June 13, 2018

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f you're interested in increasing business and are located in the Eastern Ontario / Western Québec Region of Canada ... then you've come to the right place.

Business Network International (BNI) is a business and professional networking organization whose primary purpose is to exchange business referrals.

Word of Mouth advertising is considered a powerful, cost-effective way to increase business. BNI provides an environment for developing personal relationships with teams of business professionals which become the foundation for increasing your business referrals.

BNI is built on the premise that what goes around, comes around.

People who give business referrals, get business referrals. In other words ... Givers Gain.

The authors of Masters of Networking know that creating, maintaining, and serving a wide "network" leads to great business and personal rewards. Generating leads and referrals, building healthy relationships, and delivering value over the long term are at the heart of networking and are critical for anyone.
What can we learn about achieving success from successful people? This is the magic of Masters of Success. You will discover Brian Tracy's insights into the laws of success; learn from Tony Allesandra the importance of passion; hear Lou Holtz's advice on visualizing success; and discover what drove Erin Brockovich to triumph over great odds.
Masters of Sales
Secrets From Top Sales Professionals That Will Transform You Into A World Class Salesperson By: Ivan R. Misner, Ph.D. and Don Morgan, M.A. Sold! The Magic Word. The Holy Grail. Why are some salespeople remarkably successful, while others make call after call with no results?

Will Business By Referral help you attract more referrals? It will, if you are an accountant, consultant, contractor, caterer, chiropractor, dentist, financial planner, florist, photographer, printer, real estate agent, salesperson, travel agent, - or one of thousands of other services providers who want to attract more referrals.
Busting Networking's Biggest Myths The business world is full of ideas and assumptions about networking. But what is true, and what is just a delusion? Where technology has taken away the personal touch, Truth or Delusion? will put it back to the benefit of you and your business.
The World's Best Known Marketing Secret, a long-needed book, shows you how to grow your business in the toughest of times with the oldest, best, and most cost-effective marketing method in the world.

Note: Business Network International does not endorse either the capabilities or expertise of any of its members. Anyone choosing to conduct business with or refer clients to any member of BNI does so of their own volition. BNI specifically accepts no liability in relation to advice given or business conducted between its members or between any member and other persons.