Who is BNI?

BNI is a private marketing company specializing in word-of-mouth referral marketing. Members represent the major businesses, trades and professions in the community. BNI was founded by Dr. Ivan Misner in California in 1985. BNI is the world's largest business referral organization. Presently, there are over 5,500 BNI chapters operating in 44 countries and over 130,000 members worldwide. Don Morgan and Nancy Holland founded BNI Canada in June 1995 and there are now over 240 Canadian chapters spread from coast to coast. The Executive Directors for BNI Eastern Ontario & Western Québec (Outaouais) Jocelyne D'Aoust and Denis Brisson, have been with BNI since 1997 and work with close to 35 regional chapters.

"The" Business Referral Organization

What is BNI?

BNI is an organized group of business people who meet regularly for the primary purpose of generating business referrals. Our philosophy is summed up in two words: "Givers Gain". Last year, BNI members worldwide passed 5.6 million referrals generating $2.3 billion (USD) in business for its members. Weekly chapter meetings follow a structured and organized agenda that has evolved since 1985. A Leadership Team, trained by the BNI directors, leads each chapter.

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What Makes BNI Unique?

BNI is a unique and exclusive organization because it allows only one person per profession to join a chapter. Once you've joined a chapter, none of your competitors can participate in that chapter.

Locks Out Your Competition

Why Does BNI Work?

BNI's mission is to help members develop long-term business relationships through a structured, positive and professional word of mouth referral organization because, business referrals result from strong relationships. BNI strategies and techniques come from the age-old saying of, "What Goes Around, Comes Around". Members operate as a marketing team. Highly trained directors provide guidance and support to new and existing chapters.

Develop A Strong Support Network

Where Does BNI Operate?

BNI exists where there is a demand and interest in word of mouth referral marketing. There are over 5,500 BNI chapters throughout the USA, Canada, and other parts of the world. Each region of BNI is supported by a local and national infrastructure that is directed by the region's Executive Directors. There are over 250 BNI chapters in Canada and close to 35 chapters in Eastern Ontario and Western Québec.

How Do You Get Your Best Business?

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Jocelyne D'Aoust and Denis Brisson
Executive Directors BNI Eastern Ontario / Western Québec

E-mail: bni@bni.ca
Telephone: 613.860.0577
Toll free: 888.802.3319
Fax: 613.798.5663

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