Bonjour Jocelyne et Denis! Tout d'abord , j'aimerais vous remercier du fond du cœur pour le cadeaux offert lors de la porte ouverte du 2 juin 2016. Réseauteur de l'année 2015 à du être un choix très dur pour vous à faire .... Tellement de bon membres et professionnels dans cette magnifique organisation. Mais sachez que le BNI est rendu une passion pour moi. Grâce vous je suis devenu un homme d'affaires qui sait faire des affaires , depuis 2009 je me suis joint à vous et j'ai que du respect pour vous et de l'admiration pour votre implication et structure. Merci ! Et encore merci pour votre support! Mentor de la section BNI Performance! . Robin Duguay

Hi, I have heard nothing but good things about BNI, from almost everyone I know who is involved. I was told to take a look at getting into a chapter from a friend and member out in Winnipeg. How would I go about starting the application process? J McNulty Call us J and we will be happy to assist you with that process.

Je sais comment puissant BNI peut être pour ma propre entreprise. Je ne veux pas attendre pour un agent immobilier de mourir pour que je puisse joindre une section BNI, je veux démarrer ma propre section des maintenant . Gabrielle

It is with great pleasure that we would like to recognize the hard work of the BNI Executive Directors, Denis Brisson and Jocelyne D'Aoust. We know all that you do. You listen, you help us with our chapter, you train and guide us to you insure our success as well as all the other BNI chapters in Eastern Ontario and Western Québec. We want to thank you for your commitment The BNI Westboro Chapter Members

Denis, Thanks again for a wonderful visitor’s day. I very much enjoy listening to your talks! You give a great perspective and energy on what BNI is all about that I truly appreciate. Michelle Breau, GallantMEDIA

Denis, It was a pleasure hearing you speak at our BNI conference in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia and having you visit and speak at our Front Royal BNI chapter the next day. You are always welcome and we hope that you will come back and visit us again. Brian Mirklay, President and Cory Michael, Vice President, BNI Front Royal chapter.

Over the last 12 months (2003/2004) I have been very fortunate to be part of a great sales team "my Chapter". The members have helped me to a record $2.5 million of car sales and they were directly responsible for 30% of that through referrals. BNI really works. Martin Corbett

After 8 weeks in BNI I can already see the positive impact on my business. The number of referrals that I am receiving is steadily increasing as my relationships with my fellow BNI members develop. Merredith A. MacLennan, Soloway Wright, LLP

Thank you for providing the opportunity to grow my business. The training and support provided has allowed our chapter to double in size and with it I have now seen a 245% return on my marketing investment since joining BNI. Keep up the great work. Steven Smit, Action International

I remember thinking when I attended my very first meeting 'Finally! someone is doing this right!". I have been a 'net-worker' for as long as I can remember and gain all of my business from referrals. There is no comparison to other networking organizations and business breakfasts I have attended. BNI provides such a unique environment to foster a business community that I signed up immediately at this first breakfast. Since that time my business has prospered. BNI referrals represent well over half all the new business that comes in. My fellow BNI members have not only become trusted business colleagues, they have also become friends. I highly recommend BNI to any forward thinking person wanting to take their business to the next level. Annette Freeman, Director, The Results Factory

Hi Denis and Jocelyne, Many thanks for coming to the New Zealand BNI Main Event and inspiring me. Your spirit, energy and enthusiasm is impressive and motivating. Best regards, Andrew Smith, BNI Member, New Zealand

Denis, Thank you for your presentation at the National BNI Canadian conference in Vancouver. We have received much praise and thanks from members and directors. Ian Scott, BNI Managing Director

A week ago I received an email from a Vancouver based Computer company. They had a client who needed a wireless network checked out and that it would probably require two visits (one to discern what was wrong and another to bring the required hardware to replace what was defective and fix it) they felt it would not be cost effective to dispatch someone from their company in Ottawa. Being a BNI member in Vancouver they decided to look at what BNI members were in Kingston and contacted me. Now as a result I have been given some incremental work that definitely is a result of my membership in BNI and my listing on the BNIEast.com website. It will hopefully turn into a lasting relationship where I can service the support contracts they have in this area increasing my business and saving them money. Jack Broughton, Techie for Hire

There is no question that my investment in BNI is well worth it. The thousands of dollars in business I have received as a result of my membership has convinced me to remain a member as long as I am in business. Robin Sjaarda, Sun Sign Graphics Inc.

Denis and Jocelyne, you guys are unbelieveable mentors/directors. Ca Lenh Ung

BNI offers some really great training programs. Last night I went to a BNI training session. What a great class! I got so much out of this class, and thought it was the best one I have been to. Everyone that missed this training has missed a great opportunity to get the most out of their BNI membership.

I have only been a member for a short time and I have seen a dramatic increase in my business. Working through referrals is the best method of doing business. I would have a BNI member work for me on anything I need as I have come to find they are competent and bring the high level of service to their work. If you want meaningful business relationships with competent people who will help you grow your business, join BNI. Reciprocity is alive and well in BNI. Ted Parish, ADT Security North America

J’ai joint le BNI dès que j’ai ouvert mon entreprise, avant même d’avoir accroché mon affiche sur le mur de l’immeuble. Adhérer au groupe fut rentable dès la première année mais c’est en y restant à long terme que cela est devenu très lucratif. Plus de la moitié de mes clients m’ont été référés via le BNI. Sylvain Lemyre, avocat Gatineau

I joined BNI at the invitation of one of my patients in 1997 at the Westboro chapter. From the beginning, I enjoyed the networking, the referrals and the additional opportunities that belonging to a business group provided. Now, 13 years later, my ability to identify additional opportunities for business and personal growth has extended thanks to the growth of my bni chapter. I highly recommend BNI as an important cost effective part of your marketing strategy. Dr Dirk Keenan DC - Chiropractic | Lifestyle Medicine | Corporate Health

Hi Denis, I would like to thank you for the mentoring session. It is quite obvious that you have vast experience in the networking and referral field. I learned quite a bit that evening that will make my time with my BNI group more profitable in many ways. Zsuzsanna Liko - Zsuzsanna Liko Visual Communication Inc.

J'ai développé un partenariat d'affaire avec plusieurs membres du BNI. Une relation de confiance durable et authentique. Rémy-Marc Beauregard - 411

Depuis que je suis membre, j'ai développé une clientèle d'affaires durable et j'ai pu dvelopper mon sens du leadership. Jean-François Leblanc - Bios technologies

BNI is amazing!! I became a member 2 months ago and I sold 3 cars this month. Greg Lesage - Carling Motors

I have had great success with the investment in BNI's referral marketing program, Business Network International (BNI). I have been an active member since 1996 & I would encourage any business person to learn all about how this network can help their business thrive. Pat Stenson President Kingston Collision Centre CARSTAR

I'm writing to thank you for the support we have received from the BNI program. We have received $113,000 of referral business last yera from BNI members. Pat Hopkins, Owner, Fix Auto Gloucester / Body Menders Collision

From my very first contact with BNI, I knew I was joining something very special. The opportunity to regularly meet business members active in the local community, along with a structured networking forum, builds the trust that allows for the quality referrals of our friends, family and valued business contacts. BNI certainly is the best 'word-of-mouth' referral organization around. Congratulations to you both on your continued success!

I'm Ankita, owner of Marble Slab Creamery in the Glebe. I'm a member of BNI Westboro and I just wanted to thank you for the great mentoring session this morning (Member Success Program) and to say I LOVE BNI! It's been working great for us and everyone is so warm. Ankita Mukherjee , Marble Slab Creamery

Monsieur Brisson, ce fut un plaisir de faire votre rencontre ce matin dans le cadre des portes ouvertes de BNI « Au Cœur de Mon Équipe ». Votre conférence fut énergisante et positive. J’ai beaucoup aimé votre approche. Annie Sabourin, Gérante des ventes, Chateau Cartier Hôtel

Since our chapter started 7 months ago, I have rec'd 5 Mortgage deals that have generated in excess of $1,000,000 in Volume. I had to work for the Business, but it sure was a lot easier having someone provide a Referral. BNI works for me, and we are just getting started. Best Regards Eric Palmer, A.M.P. Mortgage Intelligence Inc.

Before I joined BNI I was told by many people to find a BNI group and join as it will help with the growth of my business. Taking this advice was the most important decision I made that year. Not only have I built great business relationships, BNI referrals generated over $25,000 dollars in revenu. Pete Haagsma-Aire Serv Heating & Air Conditioning

Denis & Jocelyne,I would like to personally thank you for your presentation at the International BNI Conference. I appreciate you taking the time to share your information and knowledge with us all. Directors have made positive comments about your talk and I appreciate you taking the time to present your material. Thanks again. Ivan R. Misner, Ph.D. Founder & CEO, BNI

BNI is truly helping my network grow, and at a young age this is going to prove to be a huge success for me! I truly appreciate your enthusiasm. Kyle Johnston, Account Manager , Ottawa Senators Hockey Club

Denis & Jocelyne, BNI has completely changed my business. The principle of "Giver Gain" and the connections my BNI chapter has brought have been vital to my success! Thank you for your support these past years. Monu Arora, Keller Williams Ottawa Realty

Je tenais à vous remercier pour la troisième session de mentorat. L'information obtenu m'aidera grandement à apporter des résultats pour moi-même et mon groupe! Michel Legault, Sigma Media

Merci Denis for the wonderful gift. BNI has truly been my "key to many doors" during the last 10 years. I have also learned to appreciate the structure and support systems built into this network. I continue to recommend and promote BNI as a key building block to all entrepreneurs. Thank you again for the gift. Guy Potvin, CFP, CIM. Armstrong & Quaile Associates Inc.

Dear Denis & Jocelyne, I've written this recommendation of your work to share with others. I have known Denis Brisson & Jocelyne D'Aoust since 2004 when I was first introduced to BNI. They have taken the business model and moulded it into a fine tuned machine. The BNI chapters in our region run smoothly and effectively and are a "no-brainer" for those looking to increase their business by word of mouth marketing and referrals. BNI has proven to me to be the most cost effective form of advertising producing the biggest return on investment. It's no surprise Denis and Jocelyne were chosen Directors of the year by Ivan Misner, BNI's Founder & CEO. Thank you Denis and Jocelyne for being a great leader in your work with BNI. Keep up the great work!! Shane Silva Broker / Owner HomeLife Capital Realty

As a Realtor referrals are the lifeblood of our business. BNI has offered an organized synergistic environment where people from all business disciplines can promote and share their areas of expertise. Where else could you meet with a group of motivated, enthusiastic business people whose sole purpose was to promote each other’s interests? Monu Arora, Keller Williams Ottawa Realty - - “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want” Zig Ziglar

Je suis fière d'être membre du BNI Gatineau. Étant adjointe virtuelle, une nouvelle profession qui offre du soutien administratif aux chefs de petites et moyennes entreprises, il n'a pas toujours été facile d'expliquer comment je peux soutenir des entrepreneurs sans être sur place. Avec BNI, j'ai appris comment dire ce que je fais en moins d'une minute. Les trucs appris au BNI m'ont servi dans d'autres situations de réseautage. De plus, j'ai trouvé dans ma section une multitude de ressources fiables. Lorsqu'une situation particulière se présente, je pense aux membres de ma section pour trouver la solution idéale. Bien que j'aie eu plusieurs contrats à court terme depuis octobre 2004, j'ai reçu une recommandation en or en mai 2005 qui est devenue un client régulier avec lequel mon entreprise prend de l'expansion. Le BNI, c'est simple. C'est créer des relations d'affaires durables avec des gens qui ont à coeur de donner! Merci chers collègues! Danielle Guerin, VADG

BNI is tailor made for my business. The only advertising that I am allowed to do with my Weekenders business is word of mouth and passing my business card. At the time that I joined in 2001 I was in the process of restarting my business for the third time. I had been at home raising my children in a military environment (moving a lot) for 14 years and then found myself to be a single parent. I needed to be available for my children so a conventional job was not an option. I didn't know that many people and I was really concerned about how I was going to find enough customers to keep my business alive. The beauty of BNI is that along with acquiring customers from the chapter itself you also tap into the circle of clients, friends and family of each member. My business took off and along the way some other really amazing things happened. Being surrounded, on a weekly basis, by dedicated, competent business people helped me to approach my business in a more professional manner. In addition, my speaking skills improved dramatically. I have always been terrified of public speaking and when I joined the chapter I could barely stammer out my infomercial. I had to write it out and read it, I shook like a leaf, almost cried, and I stomped my foot. After taking on some leadership roles and the Christopher Leadership Course (613.860.8255) I became increasingly more confident in front of the room and "Baby, look at me now!" I now have the ability to give extended presentations both for my business and for BNI--what a gift. You will find that the return on investment in a BNI membership extends so much further than just money and the value to your business will be immeasurable. Karen Knowles Independent Wardrobe Coordinator Weekenders, Canada

Just a brief note to both of you to say – WOW, AWESOME, what a FANTASTIC evening. Can’t say enough about Ivan Misner – and you two. You both look terrific, present professionally and, all in all set the tone for a truly professional occasion. Some of the people I invited were members of “that other organization” and, after last night, can see the professionalism that we offer and are looking at joining BNI instead. Great work. Warmly, Angela, Sutcliffe Consulting

As a relatively new member I can attest that it was the best decision I could have made for my business. It was the winter months which tend to be slow for my industry, but with a slow fall it meant that my cash flow was coming to an end. I didn't think I was going to be able to ride this out, credit and loans were running out. I only had the membership fee left in my bank account, with a few jobs coming in the next few weeks. Needless to say I was worried about how I was going to pay rent that month. I was encouraged by other members and their positivity and the potential for business to come my way. I saw this as an opportunity and jumped in. No less than two weeks later I had made back the membership fee and rent got paid! About a month ago I was talking to a colleague who was feeling stuck in the same type of work. She wanted to branch out and get variety. Her comment was that she just didn't know how to go about getting new business. I mentioned that I was a member of BNI. Her response astounded me, "I've been to BNI I thought of joining, but it seemed like too much money at the time" Needless to say I'm proof that this was the single best investment I made this year. I've paid for advertising and got no direct business from it. In my business, referrals are the only way I get more business. Personal Services really benefit from referrals. It's like that for all businesses; the client just wants to have confidence in your abilities. Word of mouth and a testimonial from someone they know seals the deal. I have not had any slow periods since I've been a part of BNI. I have increased my profits by 30%. My business is my life, if my business is going well life feels good too. My life has never been better, Thanks to BNI. Bonnie Findley Findley Photography

Testimonial from a new business owner (who had not run a business before): I was new in town (after having been away from Ottawa for 23 years), I had started a new business and I didn't know very many people. I was invited to a BNI Chapter three times before I came to see what it was about. Although I was impressed with the energy and volume of people I couldn't see how my expenditure of the membership fee (which at the time seemed like a fortune) could help with my marketing. I didn't really get the idea that it wasn't just the chapter members but that they would market my business to their clients. But I did see that there were people at BNI that I could work with in moving my business forward. The timing was perfect because I had reached a stage where I felt alone in my efforts, isolated as a new and small business owner and I knew if I didn't expand outwards I would never grow my business. I needed regular contact with people who knew what it took to build a business and I needed their influence. I knew that surrounding myself with dynamic and positive business owners, was ultimately important for my own success. I took the leap (because the fee still seemed like a fortune to me) and it has done all I hoped it would do and more. What Happened: each week I came to believe in my business and my ability to grow the business - I received good counsel from other business owners at BNI, I subcontracted my work to our BNI members and other chapters members I've brought to other members of these chapters, over the last 1 1/2years, probably $100,000 in business. And I've gotten in the last 8 weeks $20,000 in business. Most importantly to me is that it motivated me to move my business forward, step into being a business owner. And at the beginning of a developing a business that has been the best benefit - because without that I would have given up before the money from referrals came my way. Peggy Follis 1st Impression

I joined BNI eight years ago at the same time I started my personal training business. I had been to a health show and met one of the founding members of the Westboro chapter. She encouraged me to join and said it would be the best business move I would make. How right she was. I balked at the initial cost of joining, but had covered that cost during the first couple of weeks. I was actually overwhelmed by the response from the chapter, about 20 different professions at that time. I received a lot of support from other members in the health field who found my business complimented theirs by rehabilitating clients and improving general fitness. Over the years we have formed power teams to help and support each other and organize different initiatives to our mutual benefit, like health shows and open houses. I have tried other forms of advertising, with little payback. Word of mouth advertising is so powerful that people who are referred to you do not need any more convincing. I would not hesitate to recommend you join a BNI chapter. Pauline St. Pierre

In 2006, I generated over $14,000 of business revenue that originated from BNI in one way or another (referrals, visitors, spin-off business, etc.), which almost doubles my BNI generated revenue from 2005. THANK YOU BNI!! Jeff Korentayer HD (Rhom.), DMH, BA Psych., Arcanum Wholistic Clinic

Grâce au BNI et à la confrèrerie qui l’entoure, j’ai bâtit une clientèle au États-unis et à Singapore au travers des membres des BNI dans ces pays. En retour je deviens un personne ressource pour eux ici à Gatineau, Québec ! ----- Vive le réseautage International ! Thanks to BNI and the brotherhood that surrounds it, I was able to build a clientele in the USA and Singapore through BNI members in those countries. In return I become a referral point for them here in Gatineau, Québec! Networking is International! Richard A. Bourque Marketing Director – Melaleuca

I have been a member of the BNI Lunch Connexion chapter here in Ottawa for three years and participation has been very rewarding for my business and for my professional development. I have built wonderful relationships with my fellow BNI members and have experienced the value of being involved with this organization. Bill McBurney, Ind. Dist. Shaklee Canada / WJM Design

Jocelyne & Denis, I would like to say thank you for all the work that went into making the event with Ivan Misner so GREAT! I learned a lot, as I am sure others did. I'm looking forward to the May 2006 National BNI conference. Carol Hawksley - Wellness Facilitator

Denis and Jocelyne: You did a marvelous job co-ordinating the Ivan Misner event! Thank you for all your efforts not only for bringing Dr. Misner to Ottawa, but also for your daily efforts towards making BNI the success that it is in our Region. Meredith Staples - Finishing Touches

I would like to thank Shane Silva for inviting me to join BNI. Joining the 212 Degrees Chapter was the best move and business decision that I've ever made since I decided to open my own business. My business has increased by 30% over the last 12 months, I've met very interesting people, received and given many referrals. The meetings are well organized, professional and give me a weekly boost. Its like having a team of salesmen (women) marketing my business. Thank you Shane and thank you BNI. Irene Bilinski-Lalonde, Special Touch Gift Baskets

I joined BNI in 2003 because I recognized that it could have a positive impact on our nutritional supplement business. For anyone who knows me, I am a numbers cruncher, therefore I am always aware of our monthly sales figures. During the first six months of membership in BNI, I noticed no significant increase in our sales figures. However about 6 months later in January of 2004, we received our single greatest sales increase ever! According to the January report, our sales increased by 43%. It requires a high amount of consumer education to promote our specific product line of carbohydrate technology supplements. It took about 6 months to educate the chapter members of the benefits of our products. Through informercials, presentations and dance cards, the quality referrals began to come in from the chapter members and this reflected in our sales figures. Thank you BNI for providing a vehicle for us to promote our product line and help our business flourish. Shane Silva, Wellness Coach, Mannatech Inc.

Dear Jocelyne & Denis, My hat’s off to you and your staff for organizing an event that will keep me planning my business strategies and direction until next year’s conference. Having produced many conferences and events myself in the past, I have a deep respect for the work that gets done in the background that is unseen by most. The organization, great venue, opportunity to network and most of all the great line-up of speakers has made me regret that I was not able to attend the last two BNI Conferences. I realize now that I missed a lot. Roman Koster, Creative Director, Koster Interactive Design Inc.

Thank you for organizing another outstanding conference. I have now been in business for just shy of 4 years, with almost 3 years dedicated to being a part of BNI. Although I knew of BNI from my previous career I did not understand at the time what an important tool it would be in my overall marketing plan. The spin-off of business that it has created for me has been extraordinary, and the direction it has taken my business and personal growth is quite remarkable. An example of this journey is that because of BNI I was able to approach a contact at a local T.V. Station, and was invited to do monthly segments on Interior Decorating and Design for the past year, with future appearances pre-booked. In turn that connection has brought about monthly seminars for a world-wide known retailer. Most recently my information was found through the BNI east website to speak in front of a large audience of retailers to offer my Design expertise. I certainly understand now the importance of the connections I have made, and am grateful for those business people who have assisted in my development and who have helped me gain greater credibility by servicing my clients with their professionalism. Sherri Macki, Chika Design Inc.

Through BNI, I have been able to develop a business sphere that keeps expanding and is a valuable source of income. And because I constantly promote the members of my chapter, my customers frequently call and ask to be referred! An ad in the Yellow Pages simply cannot compare to the value of a personal referral. Better yet, I feel among friends whenever I am with other BNI members. It's like being part of a large family!" Jacques S. Mailloux, Storm Micro Systems

Jocelyne & Denis: Thank you for the wonderful event last night! Did a lot of networking and not a whole lot of (baseball) game watching, but sure enjoyed the evening. Once again, on behalf of the Metcalfe chapter - thanks so much for the fabulous organization of yet another successful BNI event. Best regards Sue Deschamps - Mary Kay

I joined BNI last September with a fear of public speaking, unsure that I could convey an entire system of medicine effectively. My business has grown by 50%. This April, I opted to assume the President's role in order to further challenge my leadership skills. BNI has helped me find the venue to facilitate my own personal growth in addition to moving my business forward. Allyson McQuinn, Arcanum Wholistic Clinic, Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine

When I joined BNI I attended the Member Success Programme and did as was suggested - I set some goals. Six months later I am exactly half way to my 12 month goal. BNI really works. Ron Morgan

I have to confess, it took me six months for someone to convince me to apply for membership in BNI - seven years ago. In the past seven years, over 90% of my business has come from BNI. Knowing what my BNI-generated revenue is today, I don't think I want to add up what I lost while I was making up my mind whether or not I wanted to join BNI! I can honestly say that with mentoring, training, and just plain getting to the meetings, doing the dance cards and follow ups, it works if you work it. It works for me.Angela Sutcliffe, Business Consultant "Your Source for Small Business Success"

This morning, I thanked the person who introduced me to BNI. She had taken the time to explain what BNI was and what it could do for my business and had invited me visit her BNI chapter. As I am always looking for new ways to market our business and increase our sales I accepted her invitation. My first impression had been a very positive one. Everyone had been very welcoming and had showed a sincere interest in my business. I applied for membership in BNI that day! Now that I have been in BNI for over 3 years, I can honestly say that it has been the best marketing investment I have ever made for our business. We have been in business for over 14 years and our best customers always tend to be the ones who are referred by family, friends and clients. Now I have a whole team (my BNI chapter members)of business associates who work at recommending and referring my business. Thank you BNI. Diane Latreille, Essential Carpet Cleaning

As a new BNI member, I was quite impressed with the conference today. The networking opportunities were valuable and I made some worthwhile contacts. I feel it was a good investment and I congratulate you on the considerable effort to organize and implement this event. I have found my short time in the BNI enjoyable and hope to become increasingly involved with BNI activities. Again, well done. Bill Horne, Launceston Services

Just to send you a short note that the two of you did a great job this morning. It was even better than the last conference. I had wanted to hear all four speakers so I had a hard time deciding which ones to see!!! I met at least 30 new contact this morning and even a graphic designer that I needed badly for my customers. Keep up the great work. Gary Shechtman, Mail Boxes Etc.

Hi Denis and Jocelyne. Just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the training sessions. I found them really helpful and was delighted with your professional presentation and wonderful interaction. Verne Macdonald

Jocelyne and Denis, Just a quick note to compliment you on the well run conference. There was no time to be bored, good information imparted to attendees. I went to both presentations by Christel Wintels and picked up some very valuable pointers. Dan Georgevich was great and got his point across well. Sometimes we wonder why we don't get referrals - what do you know - it might just be an ineffective infomercial! I recommended the event as money well spent. Thanks again for organizing such a good event. Brenda Merkley, Investors Group Financial Services Inc

When I was first introduced to BNI, I viewed it as just another networking group looking for members that would probably not offer much in return. I was changing my business focus from systems support of computer hardware and software to web design and development. Within 6 months of joining, I had a good core client base, all BNI referred. Now 2 years later, I have a thriving web design business, mostly BNI referred. If that wasn’t sufficient, I was introduced to a network of professionals I could trust to use and refer. When I recently sold my house and purchased another, I had easy access to the excellent services of a real estate agent, a mortgage broker, a banker, a home inspector, a home appraiser and last but never least a lawyer. What other venue anywhere can help you build or increase your business and at the same time, provide reliable, expert professionals to rely on in your personal and professional life? Pat Gauthier, WebSupport 4 U

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